One of the largest premium developers in Lower Silesia. After the acquisition of m-Lokum the company enters the nationwide market with a network of offices in the largest urban centers. A developer who has always cared about the space and surroundings of their investments, creating friendly environment with recreational base and green areas.


The new sign combines tradition and quality with the modernity and dynamics of the modern city. The shape resembling  the letter "A" inscribed in the equilateral triangle refers directly to the former identification of the company. The letter "A" is a metaphorical beginning: the foundation, the starting point of a new adventure. Architecture, home, design, peace and security are the main values ​​that the new identification symbolizes. The power of the message is focused on the original, architectural character of the brand, at the same time maintaining the characteristics of current development trends. Overall identification it is also to solve the problem of branding new investments so as to preserve harmony and consistency with the new symbol.

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